Children & Teens

Setting attainable goals and creating intentions isn’t a skill that comes naturally to children. Being a child can be challenging in a world is full of distractions like school work, quizzes and tests to study for, sports, family life, peer relationships. Expectations of their family and friends can cloud their ability to be who they truly are capable of being. We are all unique and have a lot to offer to this world, it’s all a matter of how we perceive situations and learn to handle them.

  • Learning to self-reflect and to execute is important because it helps them develop life skills that help them plan for the future.
  • By organizing a series of smaller steps to achieve a large goal, a child can learn to gain perspective and how to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
  • When given the right tools and having seen positive results, students are less likely to view goals that they don’t achieve as failures.
  • They can learn to turn challenges into opportunities and achieve success from the inside out.